• Three startup CEOs, Stanley Tang, Walker Williams, and Justin Kan, discuss how they’ve built their business by “doing things that don’t scale” and Justin discusses about “building press”. Stanley Tang, the founder of Doordash, begins the lecture by introducing how he first tested a product that will help small business. Three things you would really need in the beginning are:
    1. Test your hypothesis.
    2. Launch fast.
    3. Do things that don’t scale.
    Walker Williams (CEO of Teespring) focuses on how a startup has huge advantage over the large companies and he shows three places to leverage a startup:
    1. Finding your first users.
    2. Turning those users into champions. You can engage and talk to customers in three basic manners:
      (A) Run customer service as long as possible,
      (B) Proactively reach out to current and churned customers, and
      (C) Build social media communities.
    3. Finding product/market fit.

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