Manuel Tanger

Head of Innovation at Beta-i

Co-Founder and Head of Innovation, Beta-i. Manuel has been interested since his school years in all things related to Science and Technology. An Msc in Technological Physics from Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon and concluded with a top graded final thesis supervised by Physics Nobel Prize; Winner 1999 Gerard t’Hooft at the University of Utrecht.

Since early childhood Manuel has been country hopping, having lived in Brazil (1 yr), China (3 yrs), India (1,5 yrs), Holland (1,5 yrs), Italy (3 yrs), Canada (3 yrs), Belgium (3 yrs) and, of course Portugal. This international exposure has been formative and character building in important aspects of his life.

Manuel started his professional career at Mercer Human Resources Consulting where he was a CRM designer and manager. Following this experience he was invited to work for Danone in Italy (Saiwa) where he was Strategic Planner for the Western Europe Zone for a couple of years and then Brand Manager of Vitasnella (Taillefine in France, Corpos Danone in Portugal). In this last period, Manuel was able to bring back a defaulting brand to +20% growth year-on-year.

After Italy, Manuel was European Marketing Manager at Qbian, a training company with a twist: using training as a frontline marketing tool. Here Manuel learned all about how to evolve behaviors and effectively transform information into knowledge into expertise.

In 2009 Manuel co-founded Beta-i, an association actively promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in Portugal. The first couple of years with Beta-i were spent advising part-time as an associate but have become a full-time endeavor since 2012 as Head of Innovation.

Manuel sees himself as a creativity generator and knowledge spreader. One of his main drivers is the fulfillment of Beta-i’s mission to evolve outdated mentalities to more productive and directed states of mind. He sees a better World in allowing people to follow their dreams and successfully maintain a good standard of living. Currently, Manuel is also a PhD candidate at ISCTE on Complex Systems. With his research, Manuel hopes to understand what the effect of size has on complex network dynamics. We are all living in a growing complex network!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 644847