• Preparing your startup idea

  • How do you know you have a great idea?
    Panel at 2010 Conference on Entrepreneurship.
    Inspiration for a new product or service can come out of the blue or from a very deliberate search. Once an idea strikes, what processes are the most effective to determine if the idea is substantial to start a new venture? How does someone solicit and incorporate feedback to morph the idea to make it viable? How does the evaluation process impact decisions on how to structure and fund the next stage of development?

  • How to gain passage into the world of creative thought?
    Creativity is one of the most essential and vital attributes for being a successful entrepreneur. But how exactly does one increase their ability to think and act creatively?
    In this video, award winning educator and artist Art Sherwyn will walk through the creative process and illustrate methods for training the intellect how to gain passage into the world of creative thought; within this world will lie the tools for creative problem solving and invention with focus on using these techniques to drive innovation within your own venture.

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