• How to find a mentor in business?
    Edward Druce
    This is a talk on aligning yourself with people who do great work. You will learn to soak up the work ethic and character traits of leading entrepreneurs, and get hands-on, real-world experience that will set you on a career path you love. In this presentation you will also learn:
    1.  How to ensure your success with anything in life
    2.  The best way to maximize your success in business
    3.  How to dramatically speed up your learning process

  • Mastering the Gift of Mutual Mentorship
    Are you seeking a mentor but not sure of how best to leverage that relationship? Have you ever been in a mentor relationship and wondered how best to serve the mentee? In this workshop Michael Skok, a serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, shows you how to develop best practices and get the most out of mentorship.

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