• Culture
    Brian Chesky and Alfred Lin

  • Hiring and Culture
    Patrick and John Collison and Ben Silbermann

  • Hiring A+ talent for your startup
    Different considerations for hiring and featuring insights

  • Startup is the New Black
    The South Florida startup culture, and advice for those attempting their own startup.

  • Company formation: Culture, Vision / Mission (Part 1)
    This presentation offers insight into approaches entrepreneurs should consider when developing their venture’s mission and vision all critical areas of focus when striving to build an enduring company. Further, the content drills into how to establish a culture that will inspire your team to support your vision and mission. Culture development, in particular, is a complex topic and is one that should be taken seriously, as it plays a critical role in any venture’s success. It establishes that How you are and how you behave and what kind of people you are going to want to built.

  • Company formation: Vision, Mission & Hiring (Part 2)
    Michael Skok

  • How important is humility in business?
    Tony Hsieh of Zappos, Loyalty and Positive Business Cultures

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