• How to identify the Right Product for Your Startup
    Abby Fichtner
    How can you make sure that when you DO build it, they WILL come? The truth is, you can’t but there's a lot you can do to greatly improve your odds. In this workshop, Abby Fichtner, the i-lab's Hacker in Residence, walks you through a framework for identifying the right product to build for the right market.

  • Building Product, Talking to Users, and Growing
    Adora Cheung

  • How to Build Products Users Love
    Kevin Hale

  • How to name your startup?

  • Product development, stories from Silicon Valley?
    Product Management at Internet Start-Ups
    Keval Desai discusses his 20 year history in Silicon Valley, including time spent at Google and Digg. He relates his experiences in product management with mobile and Internet start-ups.

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