How Can European Startups Become the Best? Find Out.

By , February 4th, 2016

Yes, Brussels does talk “startup”! If you follow my Facebook account you’ve seen that since starting my role at Beta-i, I’m more often than not in Brussels. And you’re probably wondering what is that all about: Brussels and startups?! Well, there is an awful lot happening in Brussels regarding startu...

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FCT entrepreneurship course

Startup Europe participates in FCT entrepreneurship course.

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Digistart at ICT 2015

Digistart collaborated in a Networking session at ICT 2015 organized by Project MY-WAY - another Startup Europe initiative - on Wednesday afternoon. The session proved to be very appealing and fruitful, as our room was quickly packed with individuals from startups, universities and large companies, many of whom were willing to share their individual challenges and their personal experiences in confronting them.

The moderator, David Trayford, shortly presented MY-WAY’s objectives, scope and preliminary results, and engaged participants with an arduous question: what is being done...

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O projeto Digistart procura soluções para jovens empreendedores

By Angélica Prieto, Canal Superior

Grupo de investigadores da Universidade Nova de Lisboa juntou-se à Beta-i para ajudar jovens empreendedores da área digital a dar os primeiros passos. O projeto Digistart tem previstos cursos online, workshops, sessões de treino e programas de aceleração.

Muitos são os desafios para dar corpo a uma startup. O projeto Digistart pretende facilitar este processo ao criar um «...

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Turning students on to digital entrepreneurship

By IAN MUNDELL, European Voice

Most university students are born digital, so they should make excellent web entrepreneurs. They have fresh ideas, boundless energy and less to lose than entrepreneurs starting mid-career. “A group of students can get together and use their creativity to the maximum, because there is a lot of room for flexibility in these kinds of busines...

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